Welcome to 10 Questions With, a blog series where we get to know members of the Xamarin community a little bit better.

In this installment of the 10 Questions With blog series is Telerik Developer Advocate @ Progress, Sam Basu. So without further ado, let's get to it!

1) What's the first thing you do when you start working in the morning?

Grab coffee .. open Slack.

2) What superpower do you wish you had?

Not sleep or have extra hours in a day. Also, to unify XAML across all dialects :)

3) What's one thing that you do when developing software that you know you shouldn't?

Writing code in code-behind files and not unit testing. </ducks>

4) What makes you happy?

Family time. Food. Luxury.

5) What first got you interested in software development?

Video games. Windows 98 in high school.

6) Where in the world would you most like to live?

Place with four distinct seasons & super internet connectivity.

7) If you weren't in software, what would you be doing?

Flying planes.

8) What's the most overrated software skill?

Over-architecting solutions. KISS works.

9) What music do you listen to while you're coding?

Silence. Just the Bose noise cancellation to shut out the world.

10) What's your motto?

Life is short. Make a difference in this world.

Bonus! What's next for you?

The next viral article. The next well-prepped speaking engagement.

Bonus! Where can people find you?

The internet.