Back It On Up! Android and Xamarin and Backups!

What started as a small little post on backing up Android shared preference files turned into something a bit … bigger. So back on up into a comfy chair and come on a little exploration of Android shared preference files, BackupAgents, BackupAgentHelpers and everything in between!

Xamarin.Forms E-Z Print

Eventually we’re going to have to add printing functionality to one of our apps – it’s inevitable. Find out a very easy way to do so from Xamarin.Forms with this post!

Code Mill Technologies is a software development company out of Madison, WI started by Microsoft and Xamarin MVP Matt Soucoup. Code Mill specializes in Xamarin and web development working to build useful and intuitive software for its clients. This blog is where Matt pontificates thoughts on Xamarin and the related community, and will provide tutorials on mobile development.

Code Mill is the first Xamarin Authorized Partner in the state of Wisconsin – and Matt is pretty darn proud of that.

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